Do you have any Questions?

If you have any questions related to our services, projects or technologies, feel free to read the FAQ below or contact us via email or phone.

Each project is unique and we are happy to discuss your needs and requirements. Based on information and deadlines we can make sure your project will be finished within appropriate timeframe

We are working with enterprise-grade clients and most complex projects, who are interested in digital transformation and who see benefits from saving IT costs.

In our agreement we state the condition that we charge client after the project is fully completed.
We have many years of global experience with most complex and interesting projects and tasks. We work with market sector leaders in different industries and help them to achieve better business outcomes.

Our main advantage is that we are experts in both IT and Finance with many years of experience. We have proven track record of savings. We work with modern and disruptive technologies and explain customers how to perform actual digital transformation.

Make It Simple

We have acquired highly specialized, deep industry knowledge and expertise. We are experts in our target industry, can challenge prospects during the buying cycle, and have a long list of credible, referenceable customers that lend social proof to their reputations.

Unique Strategy

We offer feature-rich IT solutions to integrate with other systems and leverage  to fill gaps or immediately satisfy prospect requirements. Most importantly, we can confidently communicate and deliver measurable performance outcomes and business impacts.

Run it smoothly

Whether you’re planning an upgrade or migration, you can rely on our deep expertise to help ensure a smooth transition. We provide services including design review, product orientation, and application fine-tuning to help keep you running as efficiently as possible.