Enterprise CyberSerurity

Either company has cloud or on prem systems, it doesn’t guarantee appropriate IT Security level and can be targeted by hackers => Cloud and Perimeter Security. We offer a comprehensive suite of Security Solutions to provide full confidence of been protected and defended from any external or internal infiltrations. Next Generation Firewalls reduce cost and complexity by eliminating points products and consolidating industry-leading capabilities, such as SSL inspection, web filtering, Intrusion Prevention System to provide full visibility and protect any edge.

User security

End users can catch viruses, trojans and other malware via different ways and company security and it assets can be compromised or stolen => End user security. We offer best in the world advanced systems to fully protect end users and thus company assets from any type of attack. Implementing such defense system will guarantee the safest way of running business.

Remote Access

In COVID times every organization has to establish secured and reliable way for remote empolyees => Secure Remote Access. Cisco AnyConnect can help accelerate business success by quickly extending flexible, policy-driven access to suppoer remote workers across wired, wireless, and VPN. Gain the visibility and control to identify who and which devices are accessing your enterprise network. Multifactor authentication is integrated with Due, SecureAuth, or MS Authenticator.

Data Loss Prevention

Employees could deliberately or unintentionally transfer important company or customer data outside via different paths => Antifraud. Risk mitigation, alerts, and annotations for any data leaks for Customer’s designated managers.