Enterprise Networks

In modern world there are so many vendors and different solutions, customers often struggle with their existing networks and new projects, as well as operations can be a nightmare – LAN, WAN and Wireless Networks – We are team of Certified Experts in Networking, and provide best in the world proven solutions, from assessment to design and implementation, with main goal for customer to have stable reliable systems based on modern and proven design. We have experience with most of vendors and technologies and can literally solve any issues, from design to troubleshooting.

Fortigate SD-WAN based network to enable digital transformation by leveraging corporate WAN to deliver a better application experience, reduce costs and simplify operations.

Fortigate Switches to converge networking and security into a secure, simple to manage architecture with a single

Cisco Nexus and Catalyst Switches to build a foundation for extraordinary outcomes at your data center, core or edge.

Cisco Wireless which include DNA Center, Wi-Fi 6 indoor and outdoor access points, and wireless controllers – can help meet today’s business demands and user expectations.

Phone systems and collaboration

How to design and implement an optimal telephony or video solution and integrate into existing business model can be a challenge =>  Unified Communications – We work with most popular unified communication providers and can explain, create, integrate or maintain any type of solution with feature-rich business requirements.

Managed Services

Management of infrastructure is always costly and requires a lot of resources, upgrades and patches, if not done in time can lead to serious business impacts, monitoring is not easy to implement and run (SolarWinds hacked, other solutions are not enterprise optimized or usable) => Remote Management, Upgrades and Monitoring – We can proactively manage and monitor customer Infrastructure, with preset alerts and traps. We make sure OS is always up to date and corresponds with security and operability requirements. Another benefit is also lack of headache about ISP, links, savings on monitoring software and labor required to run, monitor and troubleshoot Infrastructure Systems and services.

IT Assets

Rarely companies can give an answer regarding How Many Computers, Servers or Network Routers do they have => Asset Management – We offer asset management, which is much more efficient and cost beneficial compare to hiring inhouse IT asset manager. The ability to know how many devices, when was purchased, when is depreciated, serial numbers, terms of support, warranty is always a huge benefit for any business.